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Backups are hard, what if there was a cheaper, easier way? That would be awesome, but today, I can show you a cheaper, but much harder way. That being said, I do not condone breaking any TOS, and am not responsible for any problems that are caused through the usage of this script.

With this script, you can turn a zip file (or any other file) into a series of low resolution images that you can store in other locations. This was a project for my computer science 101 class, so this is no longer under active development, but I am still open to pull requests and collaboration to make this better, as there are a lot of little things that can be improved



First, install the nessesary dependencies with pip

pip3 install text_to_image
pip3 install progressbar


Download either through git clone or directly from GitHub.


  1. Create a file named in the same directory as the script (this should be a new directory with nothing else in it)
  2. Run python3 This will create an image directory and fill it with all of the images that represent the file. It then double checks it's work by creating from the pictures, which should be identical to the you started with.
  3. When you want to convert back to the file, get all of the files in a directory named images, and the files must be kept in order via the file name. Then run just convert_from_pictures(img_dir) with your image directory name.


You can change the name from to any file you want (I think it has to be a zip file though) by editing the source code near the bottom.


  • Accept file input path through args
  • Just create / just convert images through args
  • Multi-core generation of images and files
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