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_This was a hackathon project, and the phone number and services are no longer live_

Welcome to smtex! This is a program that lets you turn LaTeX code into photos over SMS!


Text your LaTeX code to the number =(970) 400-1784= and get it rendered and sent back to you!

For example: send x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 -4ac}}{2a} to get back this beautiful image of everyone’s favourite quadratic equation.


Or, just scan this QR code



As a student, I often find myself trying to send equations over sms. Very often it ends up looking like something like x = (int(x^2 - 23x)/(sqrt(4x))dx). That’s dumb. Whenever I see a piece of text like that it just makes me want to give up because of how unreadable it is. I am also quite proficient in LaTeX, so I figured if I could type LaTeX quickly I could send equations with much better communication efficiency.


Source on GitHub. It is pretty messy, as it is a hackathon project.



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