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Create graphs to analyze your OmniFocus data
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Command line utility that lets you analyze the number of tasks you have completed in Omnifocus over time.




You can install with Homebrew:

brew install jakevossen5/taps/omnifocus-graph-creator


Getting the Omnifocus CSV

This utility currently depends on a manual CSV export. Here are the steps to get that

  1. Open Omnifocus
  2. Go to projects
  3. Click on the eye, and select “Show All”
  4. Select all of the projects on the left
  5. File -> Export -> Select Comma Separated Values (CSV) at the bottom

Then run omnifocus-graph-creator in the directory you exported the CSV to, or specify --path-to-csv to specify where the file is manually.

Full arguments

You can add more arguments to specify the details of the output. For details, run omnifocus-graph-creator --help.

$ omnifocus-graph-creator --help
usage: omnifocus-graph-creator [-h] [-p PATH_TO_CSV] [-d DAYS] [-g GOAL] [-e EXPORT_PATH]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PATH_TO_CSV, --path-to-csv PATH_TO_CSV
                        path to your OmniFocus CSV export default is
  -d DAYS, --days DAYS  the number of days you want to view. Default is 7
  -g GOAL, --goal GOAL  goal number of tasks for each day. Draws horizontal
                        line on graph
  -e EXPORT_PATH, --export-path EXPORT_PATH
                        path of the png output graph (with file extension).
                        Default is None (just show graph).
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