HubSpot API script example. Updates and cleans a HubSpot contacts, displays the changes in an HTML table.
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HubSpot API script example. Use this as a template for your own HubSpot contact scripts.

Updates and cleans a HubSpot contacts, displays an HTML page. The HTML contains processing time, total contact count, and a table of the new contact changes. If the script was unsuccessful, it prints the HTML response status from HubSpot along with what likely caused the problem.

Contact Updates:

  1. Set to ALL CAPS: First Name, Last name, job title, company, email_2, address, city.
  2. Format phone numbers as 123-456-7890.
  3. Trim leading and trailing whitespace from these properties.
  4. Trim excess whitespace between values (greater than a single space).

HubSpot HTML responseStatus Codes:

  • 400: A property doesn't exist, or a property value is invalid.
  • 401: Unauthorized request. Check for expired access token or incorrect API key.
  • 500: Internal Server Error. Something with HubSpot is screwed up and there's probably nothing you can do :(
  • 0: Could be different things, but check that API calls to this key are coming from one place at a time

Example Output: Example Output