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SCAD implementation for in-browser 3d editing.
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An implementation of SCAD for Javascript. It uses Jison for parsing, Coffeescripts DSL for Jison Grammars, and csg.js for the actual 3d manipulation.

This is still a work in progress, and there is many features that are missing from the original OpenSCAD. The parser is the only part that is (other than bug hunting) complete. It is based on a port of the OpenSCAD grammar.

For an overview of what features are supported and which still remain to implement, see 'FEATURES'.



npm install
cake build:full && cake build:browser

Compiled files will be under lib/, and an aggregated version for browser use will be found under extras/webscad.js.


WebSCAD is built to be used as a library. For a quick primer on the API, see here.

Similar projects

There are several projects aimed at bringing 3D editing to the web. Here are some:

  • OpenSCAD-JS - A sister implementation of OpenSCAD for the browser
  • OpenJsCad - An alternative to OpenSCAD, using Javascript as its syntax
  • CoffeeSCAD - An alternative to OpenSCAD, using Coffeescript as its syntax


Contributions are super welcome - please make sure what you contribute is unit tested! Check out the FEATURES file in the root of the repo for a list of yet-to-be-implemented OpenSCAD features.


All code, unless otherwise stated, is copyright Jacob Hansson 2013, and licensed under the MIT public license.

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