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d3-funnel is an extensible, open-source JavaScript library for rendering funnel charts using the D3.js library.

d3-funnel is focused on providing practical and visually appealing funnels through a variety of customization options. Check out the examples page to get a showcasing of the several possible options.


Install this library via npm, yarn, pnpm, or your preferred package manager:

npm install d3-funnel --save

You can then load this library into your app using import:

import D3Funnel from 'd3-funnel';


To use this library, you must create a container element and instantiate a new funnel chart. By default, the chart will assume the width and height of the parent container:

<div id="funnel"></div>

    const data = [
        { label: 'Inquiries', value: 5000 },
        { label: 'Applicants', value: 2500 },
        { label: 'Admits', value: 500 },
        { label: 'Deposits', value: 200 },
    const options = {
        block: {
            dynamicHeight: true,
            minHeight: 15,

    const chart = new D3Funnel('#funnel');
    chart.draw(data, options);


Option Description Type Default
chart.width The width of the chart in pixels or a percentage. mixed Container's width
chart.height The height of the chart in pixels or a percentage. mixed Container's height
chart.bottomWidth The percent of total width the bottom should be. number 1 / 3
chart.bottomPinch How many blocks to pinch on the bottom to create a funnel "neck". number 0
chart.inverted Whether the funnel direction is inverted (like a pyramid). bool false
chart.animate The load animation speed in milliseconds. number 0 (disabled)
chart.curve.enabled Whether the funnel is curved. bool false
chart.curve.height The curvature amount. number 20
chart.totalCount Override the total count used in ratio calculations. number null
block.dynamicHeight Whether the block heights are proportional to their weight. bool false
block.dynamicSlope Whether the block widths are proportional to their value decrease. bool false
block.barOverlay Whether the blocks have bar chart overlays proportional to its weight. bool false
block.fill.scale The background color scale as an array or function. mixed d3.schemeCategory10
block.fill.type Either 'solid' or 'gradient'. string 'solid'
block.minHeight The minimum pixel height of a block. number 0
block.highlight Whether the blocks are highlighted on hover. bool false
label.enabled Whether the block labels should be displayed. bool true
label.fontFamily Any valid font family for the labels. string null
label.fontSize Any valid font size for the labels. string '14px'
label.fill Any valid hex color for the label color. string '#fff'
label.format Either function(label, value) or a format string. See below. mixed '{l}: {f}'
tooltip.enabled Whether tooltips should be enabled on hover. bool false
tooltip.format Either function(label, value) or a format string. See below. mixed '{l}: {f}' Callback function(data) for when a block is clicked. function null

Label/Tooltip Format

The option label.format can either be a function or a string. The following keys will be substituted by the string formatter:

Key Description
'{l}' The block's supplied label.
'{v}' The block's raw value.
'{f}' The block's formatted value.

Event Data

Block-based events are passed a data object containing the following elements:

Key Type Description
index number The index of the block.
node object The DOM node of the block.
value number The numerical value.
fill string The background color.
label.raw string The unformatted label.
label.formatted string The result of options.label.format.
label.color string The label color.


    index: 0,
    node: { ... },
    value: 150,
    fill: '#c33',
    label: {
        raw: 'Visitors',
        formatted: 'Visitors: 150',
        color: '#fff',

Overriding Defaults

You may wish to override the default chart options. For example, you may wish for every funnel to have proportional heights. To do this, simply modify the D3Funnel.defaults property:

D3Funnel.defaults.block.dynamicHeight = true;

Should you wish to override multiple properties at a time, you may consider using lodash's _.merge or jQuery's $.extend:

D3Funnel.defaults = _.merge(D3Funnel.defaults, {
    block: {
        dynamicHeight: true,
        fill: {
            type: 'gradient',
    label: {
        format: '{l}: ${f}',

Advanced Data

In the examples above, both label and value were just to describe a block within the funnel. A complete listing of the available options is included below:

Option Type Description Example
label mixed Required. The label to associate with the block. 'Students'
value number Required. The value (or count) to associate with the block. 500
backgroundColor string A row-level override for block.fill.scale. Hex only. '#008080'
formattedValue mixed A row-level override for label.format. 'USD: $150'
hideLabel bool Whether to hide the formatted label for this block. true
labelColor string A row-level override for label.fill. Hex only. '#333'


Additional methods beyond draw() are accessible after instantiating the chart:

Method Description
destroy() Removes the funnel and its events from the DOM.


MIT license.