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A friendly Bitcoin wallet that makes bitcoin mixing easy, accessible and ultimately hassle-free. 💸
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Tangle itcoin Wallet

The simple way to keep track of your Bitcoin

Owning bitcoin has never been easier. With just a shake keep your Bitcoin anonymous.

Why Mix

Bitcoin transactions are never truly anonymous. Bitcoin activities are recorded and available publicly via the blockchain — a comprehensive database which keeps a record of bitcoin transactions. And when you finally use Bitcoin to pay for goods and services, you will of course need to provide your name and address to the seller for delivery purposes. It means that a third party can trace your transactions and find ID information.

With Bitcoin mixing you can mix one's funds with other people's money. This is similar to moving funds through banks located in countries with strict bank-secrecy laws, such as the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and Panama.

Now you and your Bitcoin can remain anonymous. More Info

How does Mixing Work?

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