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A Ruby gem that connects to various URL shortening services like RubyURL, moourl, etc.

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= ShortURL 0.8.4

== Summary 
ShortURL is a very simple library to use URL shortening services such as
RubyURL, urlTea, and TinyURL.

== Installation
ShortURL is available as a gem, installation is just like any other gem:
<tt>$ gem install shorturl</tt>

You can also download the tar.bz2 archive at if you do not want to use the gem.

== Supported services
Here is the list of the services supported by ShortURL:

== Usage: 
  require "shorturl"
  puts ShortURL.shorten("")
  puts ShortURL.shorten("", :moourl)

The second parameter represents the service you want to use.  These are:
* <tt>:rubyurl</tt>
* <tt>:tinyurl</tt>
* <tt>:shorl</tt>
* <tt>:metamark</tt>
* <tt>:shorterlink</tt>
* <tt>:lns</tt>
* <tt>:fyad</tt>
* <tt>:d62</tt>
* <tt>:shiturl</tt>
* <tt>:shortify</tt>
* <tt>:isgd</tt>

You can use <tt>ShortURL.valid_services</tt> to obtain a
list of the valid services (in case I forget to update the

== Thanks
- Marcel Molina Jr., Devin Mullins for some ideas
- imperator from #ruby-lang (I don't know your real name, sorry) for
  helping me with creating and uploading a RubyGem
- Daniel Dipaolo for telling me about and
== Authors
- Vincent Foley (original developer)
- Robby Russell <>
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