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v2.0.0 - 11/01/2017

  • PowerShell Core v6.0.0-alpha.14 Support
  • Module restructured to use ps1 files for functions instead of psm1 files
  • Private functions are now actually private
  • Public functions restructured in to endpoint folders
  • Removed depricated functions: Export-vRAContentPackage, Get-vRAContentPackage, Import-vRAContentPackage, Remove-vRAContentPackage, Test-vRAContentPackage, Get-vRAConsumerCatalogItem, Get-vRAConsumerCatalogItemRequestTemplate, Get-vRAConsumerEntitledCatalogItem, Get-vRAConsumerRequest, Get-vRAConsumerResource, Get-vRAConsumerResourceOperation, Get-vRAConsumerResourceType, Get-vRAConsumerService Request-vRAConsumerCatalogItem
  • Updated to include more information regarting Core Support
  • Introduction of
  • Pester Test improvements
  • Build improvementss
  • Bugfixes and improvements