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chelnak commented Nov 20, 2016
  • Refactored catalog-service support & updated tests
  • Added support for network profiles & added tests
  • Improved builds
  • Minor fixes and improvements
chelnak and others added some commits Aug 27, 2016
@chelnak chelnak Updates Get-vRACatalogItem with -ListAvailable, -Page & new pscustomo…
…bject layout
@chelnak chelnak Url encoding and pscusomobject arangement 956e9c3
@chelnak chelnak reworked added service, page uri encoding and pscusomobject order change b171039
@chelnak chelnak Page support, pscusomobject change and added requestedBy and requeste…
@chelnak chelnak Tidied up Get-vRAService and added Get-vRAEntitledService to replace …
@chelnak chelnak Moved functions
@chelnak chelnak Created new function in to replace Get-vRAConsumerCatalogItemRequestT…
@chelnak chelnak Initial commit for Get-vRADeployment b82326e
@chelnak chelnak .length to .count fc5611c
@chelnak chelnak .length to .count ad6dec7
@chelnak chelnak .length to .count 1b30bc7
@chelnak chelnak New Get-vRAResource 17cff83
@chelnak chelnak Initial commit for Get-vRAResourceAction in this branch 86e4bd8
@chelnak chelnak Removed Get-vRADeployment 8d82498
@chelnak chelnak Changed property name id to resource id 0f591fb
@chelnak chelnak Removed Alias 2ab1215
@chelnak chelnak Initial commit for Get-vRAREsourceActionRequestTemplate fb7059a
@chelnak chelnak length to count 3ce9794
@chelnak chelnak Moved to catalog-service and cleaned up code.. adding suport for Paging 5659d16
@chelnak chelnak Changes $EnvodedURI to $EscapedURI and updaed returned PSCustomObject 191a3c5
@chelnak chelnak Moved to catalog-service ad63078
@chelnak chelnak Moved to catalog-service 5a0f0c8
@chelnak chelnak Moved to catalog-service and cleaned code e99312c
@chelnak chelnak Changes $EncodedURI to $EscapedURI 35ce18e
@chelnak chelnak Changes $EncodedURI to $EscapedURI & code clean up 30df23b
@chelnak chelnak Updated parametersets for actionid 4fb204d
@chelnak chelnak Moved to catalog-service 966a2fe
@chelnak chelnak Updates inputs in help adbbbde
@chelnak chelnak merge f3417d3
@chelnak chelnak Marks deprecated functions and removes old catalog functions cc79bb6
@chelnak chelnak Adds warning to deprecated functions ee81bc4
@chelnak chelnak Marked as deprecated f02d4a9
@chelnak chelnak Moves catalog-service to Functions\Public f9fbc11
@chelnak chelnak Moved and refactored 5eef5e7
@chelnak chelnak functions moved to catalog-service ea34eab
@chelnak chelnak Code clean up - ensure formatting and pipeline support 69537f2
@chelnak chelnak Adds $VerbosePreference to invoke-vrarestmethod 8990ba9
@chelnak chelnak Merge branch 'development' into feature-catalog-svc b90d975
@chelnak chelnak Adds support for filtering by state ad734de
@chelnak chelnak Add help text for Type parameter 22c5656
@chelnak chelnak Add out-null for null response 26a5d01
@chelnak chelnak Updates help text to remove Consumer 68e1fc8
@chelnak chelnak fixes issue #55 ed92f21
@chelnak chelnak Fixes issue #63 ab5f0f0
@chelnak chelnak Fixes issue where nested modules was being wiped when the function wa…
…s invoked
@chelnak chelnak Merge pull request #64 from jakkulabs/build-script-fix
Build script fix
@chelnak chelnak Removed Test task from Release 5f578ea
@chelnak chelnak Merge branch 'development' of i…
…nto development
@jonathanmedd jonathanmedd Merge pull request #62 from jakkulabs/hotfix-issue-55
fixes issue #55
@chelnak chelnak Adds xRequires to functions 4f87c25
@chelnak chelnak Merge pull request #61 from jakkulabs/feature-catalog-svc
Refactor Catalog-Service support
@chelnak chelnak Fixes issue #65 4f97d74
@chelnak chelnak Merge branch 'hotfix-issue-65' into development bdd8469
Craig Gumbley Removes , breaking build script 2c3cf9d
Craig Gumbley Updates documentation with catalog-service changes 6195013
Craig Gumbley Bump Module Version to 1.4.0 d81809f
Craig Gumbley Fixes incorrect parameter for Get-vRAResourceActionRequestTemplate fb9aad6
Craig Gumbley Changes ConfirmImpact="Low" to ConfirmImpact="High" 36c662a
Craig Gumbley Build improvements 6d8cc18
Craig Gumbley Build script improvements 316b446
Craig Gumbley Updated documents via build.ps1 af9511b
@chelnak @jonathanmedd chelnak Feature ps call stack impl (#69)
* Removes -Context and adds support for PSCallStack in xRequires

* Removes -Context

* Removes -Conext / tested function
Craig Gumbley Fixes issue where missing tenant name causes function to fail f358641
Craig Gumbley Adds exclusion for Variables.json db38c44
Craig Gumbley Catalog-Service Tests 7f0cca9
Craig Gumbley Update gitignore fb83c65
Craig Gumbley untracks variables.json so it is ignored 1de289d
@jonathanmedd @chelnak jonathanmedd By moving to a PSScriptAnalyzerSettings file, we will no longer get t…
…he emailed errors from the PowerShell Gallery (#71)

* By moving to a PSScriptAnalyzerSettings file, we will no longer get the emailed errors from the PowerShell Gallery

* Move to root directory

* Modify build directly

* Added Requires Version 5

* Added fix to ensure that script analyzer doesn't see variables as un assigned
Craig Gumbley Changes the way documentation is generated b46234a
Craig Gumbley Fixed function duplication 27bb55e
Craig Gumbley Merge branch 'development' into feature-improved-help a2901b8
Craig Gumbley Moves UpdateModuleManifest into build 7007c26
Craig Gumbley PlatyPS integration 62d58f6
Craig Gumbley Merge branch 'feature-improved-help' into development 1208fee
Craig Gumbley Set correct docs folder 9706126
Craig Gumbley add test task to release e82c434
Craig Gumbley Removes files that are no longer required c7a6877
Craig Gumbley Changes location 3433925
Craig Gumbley Adds PowervRA-icon.png to repo bfbd732
Craig Gumbley Removes unneeded lines from build.ps1 338f60d
Craig Gumbley Combine build helpers in to build.psake.ps1 792b1b4
Craig Gumbley Update build.settings.ps1 ccf65a9
Craig Gumbley updated module manifest 13f8ca8
Craig Gumbley Adds section to ensure always reflects 6790fe9
Craig Gumbley Docs generated by PlatyPS eedd6a6
Craig Gumbley Adds -NoMetadata switch to New-MarkdownHelp 950cc17
Craig Gumbley Rebuilt docs with no metadata at the top of the files 6923792
Craig Gumbley Adds ValidateSet to task parameter and a help section describing the …
…build the purpose of the script
Craig Gumbley Updates how ScriptAnalyzer results are displayed ccc8627
Craig Gumbley Changes Severity to include Warnings and Errors - build is set to onl…
…y fail when errors are detected
Craig Gumbley Fixes issue #73 and updates associated files with correct version number 69211c1
@chelnak chelnak Feature networkprofiles (#74)
* Initial draft for network-profile support

* removed hidden param

* Continuing with network profile dev.. found bugs in api

* Initial draft for network-profile support

* removed hidden param

* Continuing with network profile dev.. found bugs in api

* Migrates networkprofile commands to Functions\Public\iaas-proxy-provider

* Cleans up code

* initial commit

* Network Profile Dev

* Splitting out Network profile functions for each type of profile..

* More separation work..

* Help cleanup

* Network profile prep

* Typo in filename

* Placeholder

* Initial commit for Get-vRANetworkProfileAddressList

* Initial commit for Get-vRANetworkProfileIPRangeSummary

* Fix typo in function name

* Add xRequires -Version 7.1

* Remove IPranges support for Routed network profiles

* Updates examples

* Remove unused variable

* VerbosePreference

* Adds ShouldProcess

* Cleanup - Remove name and extra code

* tweeks

* Removal of stalte parameter sets and cleanup

* Tests template

* Re add missing }

* Updates test template

* Replaces DefaultParameterSet

* Addresses issue #75
Craig Gumbley Updates parameter sets a54400b
Craig Gumbley Adds network profile support to manifest af8a1b6
Craig Gumbley Docs update 1ef3744
Craig Gumbley Initial commit for appveyor.yml 39c0f10
Craig Gumbley build settings db0e612
Craig Gumbley Update db910b5
Craig Gumbley adds version option 72d3d0e
Craig Gumbley Out-Null ceb4573
Craig Gumbley Adds build status badge 7bb9daf
Craig Gumbley Adds new files to gitattributes 9cdd82d
@chelnak chelnak lowercase d5a0c0c
Craig Gumbley Updates help 9333195
Craig Gumbley Updates helo e22c576
Craig Gumbley fixes incorrect command being called 17f2e0c
Craig Gumbley Adds initial pester tests for network profiles 8ebc913
Craig Gumbley Adds ipranges param and updates help e249055
Craig Gumbley Updated docs 366d151
@chelnak chelnak changed the title from Merget to master for v1.4.0 to Merge to master for v1.4.0 Nov 20, 2016
@chelnak chelnak added the enhancement label Nov 20, 2016
chelnak commented Nov 20, 2016

Had to fix a merge conflict... not 100% sure what the problem was but it appears to be fixed now!

@jonathanmedd jonathanmedd merged commit c05e752 into master Nov 30, 2016

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