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Animated circular progress view for Android
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An animated circle view. Can be used in 'value mode' or 'spinning mode'. Nice transitions between spinning and value. Can be used as a loading indicator and to show progress or values in a circular manner. In seek mode, it can also be used to set a value.


Try it out here.

Fully animated:

animation demo

  • Animated set value.
  • Spinning mode.
  • Transition from spinning mode to value mode.

Fully customizable:


All parts come with a customizable color and thickness. Set the size of a part to 0 to hide it.

Text sizes

Per default, the texts size is automatically calculated to fit in the circle.


The spin bar color can consist of a single color or a gradient from up to 4 colors.

Gradient colors.

Block Mode

  • Via XML

Seek Mode

Set value on touch input. Enable it:

  • Via Code:
  • Via XML:

For more examples take a look at the example app.

Add it to your project:

Get the latest release from

allprojects {
    repositories {
        // ...
        maven { url "" }

dependencies {
	// ...
        implementation 'com.github.jakob-grabner:Circle-Progress-View:1.4'


Get it here.

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