A simple CSV editor for the Mac
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Table Tool

A simple CSV editor for OS X.

Download on the Mac App Store.

The CSV format is a common used file format to store and exchange tabular data. Almost all spreadsheet and database apps (e.g. Excel and Numbers) support it. Unfortunately, not all CSV files are made equal. CSV files use different record delimiters (comma or semicolon), character encodings, decimal separators or quoting styles.

TableTool handles these issues automatically. It detects the specification of a CSV file for you and displays its contents in a table view. Using TableTool is the easy way to create, edit and convert CSV files.


Open Files: When opening a CSV file, Table Tool detects the format specifications (record delimiter, character encoding, etc.) automatically. You can also set the specifications manually.

Edit Files: Edit the contents of the cells, rows and columns of the document easily in a grid based user interface.

Convert Files: Convert an existing CSV file to a different format.


Table Tool was made by Sandro Peham, Andreas Aigner and Jakob Egger.


Table Tool is distributed under the MIT Licence.