Packer qemu templates
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The packer-qemu-templates provides Packer templates for unattended building of relevant virtual machine images in the qcow2 format for use with KVM.

In addition, all templates for use with Vagrant, through vagrant-libvirt, are configured to let Packer create a Vagrant box through the libvirt post-processor.

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Currently the project includes templates for Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and Windows. In other words, the OSes of the VMs I and the other contributors use on a day-to-day basis.

Feel free to contribute more:-)


Build qcow2 image

Go into the relevant template directory and run packer build on the relevant json file.

$ cd windows
$ packer build -var-file windows.json windows-2012-R2-standard-vagrant.json

Templates names that ends with vagrant automatically creates a vagrant box.

Add the box to Vagrant

$ vagrant box add box/ --name windows-2012-R2-standard

Init vagrantfile

$ mkdir project && cd $_
$ vagrant init windows-2012-R2-standard

Start machine

$ vagrant up

Get IP of machine

$ vagrant ssh-config