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$ENV{__EMB_EXTRATITLE}="configuration examples for some unix programs";
$ENV{__EMB_EXTRAMETA}="mc, mutt";
if (1==$ENV{__EMB_COUNT}) {
} else {
<p>Currently, there's only the <B>mc</B> configuration available,
while some <b>firefox Chrome</b> is in the firefox section.</p>
<p>Maybe I'll add some of my mutt setup later on, but the wrapper to
use mutt for reading folders in nn style is probably a bit too
specific, which my procmail setup is probably way too much glue for a
proper release (incl. mlnn/cron/procmail?) (<i>Q: is procmail stale or
still maintained?</i>).</p>
<p><a href="">Git
View of this section / Download</a></p>
<li>mc configuration example
[*}*][# MUST BE AT EOF! #]