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Templates and Makefiles to build publication in multiple formats based on a source file in Pandoc Markdown
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makedoc ist a git repository containing Makefiles and templates to create papers and presentations from source files in Pandoc Markdown. The current version can be found at Feel free to comment, reuse, fork, and modify!

makedoc is accompanied by makespec, a similar tool to create specifications (makedoc and makespec may later be merged).


First steps

  1. Create a directory for your publication (possibly as git repository).

    mkdir example
    cd example
    git init
  2. Check out this module in a subdirectory called 'make' (possibly as git submodule):

    git submodule add
  3. Create a Makefile that at least contains include makedoc/Makefile.

  4. Optionally create the file metadata.ini with title, abstract, keywords. This will be passed to templates.


make foo.html creates HTML from a markdown file Use make -B foo.html to force creation.

make normalize normalizes all .md files in the current directory. A backup is created with file extension .md.bak.

make clean removes all backup files and build artifacts.

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