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Cloud Juggler

Toolkit to optimize cost and efifciency on Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Juggler Budgets - keep your spendings within expectations

It lets you define rules how much you can spend and alerts with escalations and overrides.

The cloud gives you a lot of super powers, but also makes it easy to spend a lot of money accidentally. This project fixes that. It lets you enjoy the benefits of cloud while making sure that AWS bill wouldn't surprise you.

The default AWS Budgets is very limited and doesn't support many real world scenarios.

Example A:

  1. You plan to spend $500 / month.
  2. If you are on trajectory to spend more you will be notified by email.
  3. Simple by clicking on the link you can allow one-time exception, increase your budget or simple acknowledge situation.
  4. It support escalations, so your company won't miss it because you went off-grid.

Example B:

  1. You have a team of 5 developers with 5 AWS development accounts under consolidated billing.
  2. You want to allow each one to spend $1000 / month for development as well as have total $4000 / month budget.
  3. Individual developer can take care of her budget. You can prevent accidental spent, but also notify tech lead if need higher budget.
  4. Tech lead also takes care of the whole team budget. She also gets an escalation if indivdual developer ignores alert and allocates the resources.

Tech details

Implemented as serverless application using API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS and S3.

How to install

To be implemented. Work in progress.


Tools to optimize cost and efifciency on Amazon Web Services







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