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# coding=utf-8
from flask import render_template, request, url_for, redirect, flash
from sqlalchemy import desc
from sqlalchemy.exc import IntegrityError
from flask.ext.login import LoginManager, login_required, login_user, logout_user, current_user
import json
import requests
import config
from database import db, User, Profile, Bid, Payout
from main import app
from import Sender, Responder
from ozaur.trader import Trader
from coinbase import Coinbase
_sender = Sender()
trader = Trader(_sender)
process_incoming_email = Responder(_sender, trader).process_email
coinbase = Coinbase()
login_manager = LoginManager()
def load_user(userid):
return User.query.filter( == userid).first()
def main_page():
return render_template("index.html")
def signup():
return render_template("signup.html")
@app.route("/login", methods=["POST"])
def login_post():
linkedin_oauth_token = request.form["linkedin_oauth_token"]
r = requests.get(",email-address)",
headers={"oauth_token": linkedin_oauth_token,
"x-li-format": "json"})
user = User.query.filter( == r.json()["values"][0]["emailAddress"]).first()
flash("You have log in. Welcome aboard! Who are you going to bid today?")
return redirect(request.form["back_url"])
def logout():
flash("You have loged out successfully. Bye bye.")
return redirect(url_for("main_page"))
def team():
jacek_url, gosia_url = "#", "#"
jacek = User.query.filter( == "").first()
gosia = User.query.filter( == "").first()
if jacek:
jacek_url = url_for("public_profile",
if gosia:
gosia_url = url_for("public_profile",
return render_template("team.html", jacek_url=jacek_url, gosia_url=gosia_url)
@app.route("/profiles", defaults={'page': 1})
def profiles(page):
pagination = User.query.filter( == True).paginate(page)
return render_template("profiles.html", pagination=pagination)
def public_profile(id):
user = User.query.filter( == id, == True).first()
if user:
# TODO: Change when we will have more profiles per user
profile = user.profiles[0]
bids = Bid.query.filter(Bid.seller_user_id == id).order_by(desc(Bid.value_satoshi)).all()
linkedin = json.loads(profile.data_json)
return render_template("bid_profile.html", user=user, linkedin=linkedin,
max_bid=config.MAX_BID_SATOSHI / config.SATOSHI_IN_MICRO)
flash("Given user profile does not exist.")
return redirect(url_for("profiles"))
def public_profile_success(id, value_micro):
user = User.query.filter( == id).first()
flash(u"You have successfully bidded %s μBTC on '%s'." % (value_micro, user.display_name))
return redirect(url_for("public_profile", id = id))
@app.route("/profile/<int:id>/bid", methods=["POST"])
def bid_profile(id):
if not
flash("You need to activate your account first. Please respond to invitation email.")
return redirect(url_for("public_profile", id=id))
user = User.query.filter( == id, == True).first()
if not user:
flash("Given user profile does not longer exist.")
return redirect(url_for("profiles"))
if "attention-bid" not in request.form or \
not request.form["attention-bid"].isdigit() or \
int(request.form["attention-bid"]) == 0:
flash("Your bid value has invalid format!")
return redirect(url_for("public_profile", id=id))
# Micro (10^-6 to satoshi 10^-8)
value_micro = int(request.form["attention-bid"])
value_satoshi = value_micro * config.SATOSHI_IN_MICRO
if value_satoshi > config.MAX_BID_SATOSHI:
flash(u"Your bid %d μBTC is over maximal value %d μBTC." %
(value_micro, config.MAX_BID_SATOSHI / config.SATOSHI_IN_MICRO))
return redirect(url_for("public_profile", id=id))
urls = {
"callback": request.url_root[:-1] + url_for("coinbase_notification"),
"success": request.url_root[:-1] + url_for("public_profile_success", id=id, value_micro=value_micro),
"cancel": request.url_root[:-1] + url_for("public_profile", id=id)
payment_url = coinbase.generate_payment_link(current_user, user, value_satoshi, urls)
return redirect(payment_url)
@app.route("/create_account", methods=["POST"])
def create_account():
linkedin_oauth_token = request.form["linkedin_oauth_token"]
r = requests.get(",first-name,last-name,headline,location,industry,num-connections,summary,specialties,positions,picture-url,public-profile-url,email-address,associations,interests,publications,patents,languages,skills,certifications,educations,courses,volunteer,num-recommenders,honors-awards)",
headers={"oauth_token": linkedin_oauth_token,
"x-li-format": "json"})"Creating an account LinkedIn response: %s" % (r.text))
user_json = r.json()["values"][0]
user = User(email = user_json["emailAddress"],
display_name = "%s %s" % (user_json["firstName"], user_json["lastName"]),
headline = user_json["headline"],
industry = user_json["industry"],
location = user_json["location"]["name"],
interested_in = "",
photo_url = user_json["pictureUrl"]
profile = Profile(external_key = user_json["id"],
data_json = json.dumps(user_json))
sender = Sender()
flash("To activate your account you need to respond to invitation email. Please reply JOIN OZAUR.")
except IntegrityError, e:
user = User.query.filter( == user_json["emailAddress"]).first()
return redirect(url_for("my_profile"))
def account():
payouts = Payout.query.filter(Payout.user_id ==, Payout.is_paid == False).all()
return render_template("account.html", payouts = payouts)
@app.route("/account/accept_bid", methods=["POST"])
def accept_bid():
bids = current_user.seller_bid
if bids:
best_bid = max(bids, key = lambda b: b.value_satoshi)
trader.accept_bid(current_user, best_bid)
flash(u"You have accepted the best bid for %s μBTC. Now wait until bidder asks a question, then will send it to you." % (best_bid.value_micro()))
flash("You have no seller bids.")
return redirect(url_for("account"))
def my_profile():
# TODO: Change when we will have more profiles per user
profile = current_user.profiles[0]
linkedin = json.loads(profile.data_json)
return render_template("my_profile.html", user = current_user, linkedin = linkedin)
@app.route("/my_profile/interested_in", methods=["POST"])
def save_interested_in():
current_user.interested_in = request.form["interested_in"]
return "OK"
# Email receiver api
# The obfuscated endpoint should be enough for now
@app.route("/notify/mail/053c617d678e0848f52c29b0fc8b7afe", methods=["POST"])
def mailgun_notification():
# TODO: check if it is mailgun
# TODO: ensure it is not autoresponder
recipient = request.form["recipient"]
# sender = request.form["sender"]
body = request.form["body-plain"]
stripped = request.form["stripped-text"]
process_incoming_email(recipient, body, stripped)
return "OK"
# The obfuscated endpoint is just to not let amateur hackers pollute our security logs.
# We still check every transaction with Coinbase...
@app.route("/notify/coinbase/7cc941e5c7e26026f3a3de1ad28927cb", methods=["POST"])
def coinbase_notification():"Coinbase notify %s" % (
if request.json:
order = request.json["order"]
custom_field = order["custom"]
value_satoshi = order["total_native"]["cents"]
coinbase_order_id = order["id"]
status = order["status"]
if not coinbase.verify_order_validity(coinbase_order_id, value_satoshi, custom_field, status):
return "Don't be evil!", 401
if status == "canceled":
app.logger.error("Order '%s' is canceled" % (coinbase_order_id))
bid = Bid.query.filter(Bid.coinbase_order == coinbase_order_id).first()
if bid:
db.session.commit()"Bid for order '%s' removed." % (coinbase_order_id))
app.logger.error("Bid for order '%s' was not found!" % (coinbase_order_id))
return "Canceled"
customs = custom_field.split(":")
if len(customs) != 2:
app.logger.error("Invalid custom field '%s'" % (custom_field))
return "Invalid custom field", 500
buyer = User.query.filter( == int(customs[0])).first()
seller = User.query.filter( == int(customs[1])).first()
app.logger.error("Invalid custom field (ints) '%s'" % (custom_field))
return "Invalid custom field", 500
if not buyer or not seller:
app.logger.error("One of the users with id %d or %d doesn't exists" % (int(customs[0]), int(customs[1])))
return "Invalid custom field", 500
try:, seller, value_satoshi, coinbase_order_id)
app.logger.error("Likely somebody was trying to use same payment twice for order '%s'!" % (coinbase_order_ids))
return "Don't be super evil!", 401
return "OK"
app.logger.error("Request from coinbase is not a json.")
return "Invalid request format", 400
if __name__ == "__main__":
print "Gosia, our site is running!"