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hSass is a Haskell wrapper over hLibsass. It gives you a higher-level API for compilation of Sass files and easy integration into Haskell applications. It is meant to be simple in use yet provide as much functionality as it can.

It is available on Hackage.

Check out the hLibsass' README if you find a problem with the library, as it may be related to the bindings, not hSass itself.


All of the documentation is in code. If you want to read a quick-start guide, check Sass.hs or visit Hackage docs for more readable format.

Running tests

This library uses Hspec as a testing framework (with hspec-discover to generate main file). To run test suite, do:

stack test


Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Jakub Fijałkowski. See LICENSE for details.

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