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My emacs settings

An ever-changing set of emacs settings. Micro-optimizations are super fun. These are used in the Emacs Rocks screencasts.


To grab all the dependencies, either:

git clone git://
cd .emacs.d
git submodule init
git submodule update

or on git v1.6.5 or later:

git clone --recursive git://


I don't keep magit in my .emacs.d. To install magit, do

M-x package-list-packages

Search for magit and install it there.

Install emacs on mac

I use Cocoa Emacs, installed like this:

brew install emacs --cocoa --use-git-head --HEAD

To open it with Alfred or Quicksilver, you have to copy into /Applications instead of the symlink that brew places there.

Tips for using these emacs settings

If you want to use my settings straight out of the box, here are some things to note:

  • The key bindings are optimized for a norwegian keyboard layout.

  • Start by reading up on all the cool stuff in key-bindings.el.

  • You quit emacs with C-x r q, mnemonic Really Quit.

  • Find file in project with C-x o, in dir with C-x C-f, recent with C-x f

  • Add your user- and project-specific stuff in .emacs.d/users/[machine name]/*.el

  • C-h is rebound to backspace, like in the shell. Get help on F1 instead.

  • Autocomplete with C-.

  • expand-region is your friend. Find its bound key by doing F1 f er/expand-region

  • annoying-arrows suggests alternative ways of moving around if you use the arrow keys excessively.

  • Undo with C-_ and redo with M-_. Watch the undo-tree with C-x u

  • Easily add functions to the F-keys with M-: (f5 <sexps here>), example (f5 (flush-lines "console.log"))

  • Quickly jump anywhere in the buffer by pressing fn plus the starting letter of a word.

  • Indent and clean up white space in the entire buffer with C-c n

  • On a mac, the Meta key M is bound to Command.

  • I recommend rebinding Caps Lock to Ctrl and use that instead of the often badly placed Ctrl-key.

  • Watch