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Grading Policy

The grade that you will obtain at the end of this class is based on your performance in the programming assignments. Your answers to the in-video quizzes are not taken into account for the final grade.

You can re-submit every assignment as often as you like. Only the best of your submissions will be considered: the grade of each assignment is the grade of your best submission for that assignment.


For every assignment there is a soft deadline and a hard deadline.

You can only achieve the maximal score if you submit before the soft deadline. After that, a penalty of 20% will be applied for each day that has passed since the soft deadline. For instance, if you submit two days after the soft deadline, you can only achieve 60% of the maximal score. If you are 5 days late you will not obtain any points.

The hard deadline is defined to be 5 days after the soft deadline: no more submissions are accepted once the hard deadline has passed.

Time Zones

Please be careful about time zones: make sure you don't miss a deadline by forgetting to convert the time of the deadline to your local time zone.

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