Does it handle imports and adjust urls? #2

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It does not handle imports as it's been created to optimize CSS declarations only.
For adjusting URLs, embedding images you can try enhance-css or the assets-packager if you need an all-in-one solution to putting all your CSS and JS together.


Thanks mate.

Looking at the enhance-css code, it does handle embedding images, but doesn't seem to handle doing the following:

Say if I have the following:


@import 'a.css';
@import 'b.css';


/* the contents of a.css */
/* the contents of b.css */

Is this planned at some point?


Right, it doesn't work at the moment, as we don't use @import's at all at GoalSmashers (as we use Less extensively).
But it definitely should be there as it's a core CSS feature.

Could you do us a favor and open a ticket in enhance-css repository?
We should have some spare time this week time to work on it.


Hello. I'm just wondering if this was ever addressed? I'm currently looking at using the Backbone Boilerplate Grunt tasks and it would be awesome if the clean-css task could follow @import URLs, similar to how the RequireJS r.js optimiser works.


@GoalSmashers GoalSmashers added a commit that closed this issue Mar 21, 2013
@GoalSmashers GoalSmashers Fixes #2 - resolving @import rules.
* Supporting both relative and absolute paths (via `-r` / `root` options).

@balupton, @fiznool - we are sorry it took so long, but it's finally there. It will be released with clean-css 1.0 in the coming days.


Woot woot woot! Looking forward to it :)

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