University project demonstrating usage of Spring Framework, Hibernate and other related technologies.
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This is a team project for our advanced Java Course at Masaryk University.

Technology and setup requirements

  • Server - Apache Tomcat
  • Framework - Spring
  • Database - JavaDB, port 1527
  • Database name - pa165
  • Database user - pa165
  • Database user password - pa165
  • Web application context - http://localhost:8080/pa165


  • bm-api - contains DTO and Service interfaces
  • bm-api-impl - contains implementations of Convertors, interfaces and implementations of DAOs, implementations of DTOs, implementations of Entities and Services
  • bm-rest - implementation of REST
  • bm-rest-client application to access data from bm-rest, which is deployed together with bm-web, via REST
  • bm-web web presentation layer, uses Spring MVC

Building and Testing

Project uses maven, to build it use:

mvn install

Run bm-rest-client module:

mvn exec:java -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Run bm-web module:

mvn tomcat:run -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Set up database

  • Start Derby Network Server, instructions can be found here:
  • Change hibernate configuration in /bm-api-impl/src/main/resources/configuration/hibernate.xml to:
<prop key="">create-drop</prop>
  • Run application, database tables are created.

  • Change hibernate configuration in /bm-api-impl/src/main/resources/configuration/hibernate.xml to original state.

  • Run SQL script with sample data, the script can be found here:


Passwords in database are saved in form of SHA-1 hash, default passwords are: