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Contributing to HTTPie

Bug reports and code and documentation patches are welcome. You can help this project also by using the development version of HTTPie and by reporting any bugs you might encounter.

1. Reporting bugs

It's important that you provide the full command argument list as well as the output of the failing command. Use the --debug flag and copy&paste both the command and its output to your bug report, e.g.:


2. Contributing Code and Docs

Before working on a new feature or a bug, please browse existing issues to see whether it has been previously discussed. If the change in question is a bigger one, it's always good to discuss before you start working on it.

Creating Development Environment

Go to and fork the project repository.

git clone<YOU>/httpie

cd httpie

git checkout -b my_topical_branch

# (Recommended: create a new virtualenv)

# Install dev. requirements and also HTTPie (in editable mode
# so that the `http' command will point to your working copy):
make init

Making Changes

Please make sure your changes conform to Style Guide for Python Code (PEP8) and that make pycodestyle passes.


Before opening a pull requests, please make sure the test suite passes in all of the supported Python environments. You should also add tests for any new features and bug fixes.

HTTPie uses pytest and Tox for testing.

Running all tests:

# Run all tests on the current Python interpreter with coverage
make test

# Run all tests in all of the supported and available Pythons via Tox
make test-tox

# Run all tests for code as well as packaging, etc.
make test-all

# Test PEP8 compliance
make pycodestyle

Running specific tests:

# Run specific tests on the current Python
py.test tests/
py.test tests/
py.test tests/

# Run specific tests on the on all Pythons via Tox
# (change to `tox -e py37' to limit Python version)
tox -- tests/ --verbose
tox -- tests/ --verbose
tox -- tests/ --verbose

See Makefile for additional development utilities. Don't forget to add yourself to AUTHORS!