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base fork: jakubroztocil/httpie
base: 0.1.4
head fork: jakubroztocil/httpie
compare: 0.1.6
Commits on Feb 28, 2012
Isman Firmansyah added support to use other pygments styles, falback to solarized 553941c
Commits on Feb 29, 2012
Isman Firmansyah remove unnecessary partial call b752b59
Mark Larus Support for terminals not using 256 color
As documented in issue #8, the default terminal in OS X 10.6 is xterm-color, which does not support Formatter256Terminal
Commits on Mar 01, 2012
@tomekwojcik tomekwojcik * Added argparse to install_requires. d768959
@jakubroztocil Merge pull request #10 from marblar/osx
Support for terminals not using 256 color
@jakubroztocil Merge pull request #12 from tomekwojcik/master
Added argparse to install_requires
@jakubroztocil Made argparse required only for Python < 2.7.
Closes #7.
Commits on Mar 02, 2012
@jakubroztocil Added --style
Closes #6. Thanks, @iromli.
@jakubroztocil Added first tests. bb653bf
@jakubroztocil Fixed a `UnicodeError` in Python 2.6. 9634dca
@jakubroztocil Fixed a missing line between headers and body. 860a851
@gandaro gandaro use the __main__ submodule convention to make it possible to use `pyt…
…hon -m httpie`
@dasickis dasickis Added forcing pretty printing for piping purposes. 84a0d4a
@dasickis dasickis Force pretty printing (ignore last commit; stupid undo mistake) 58f74fe
Commits on Mar 03, 2012
@faulkner faulkner Pass allow_redirects to request so --allow-redirects works. dd8faec
@faulkner faulkner Typo. 81798ad
@faulkner faulkner Correct usage string in README. 5d31761
@jakubroztocil Merge pull request #17 from faulkner/fix-redirects
Pass allow_redirects to request so --allow-redirects works.
@jakubroztocil Merge pull request #19 from faulkner/fix-readme
A few minor corrections to the README.
Commits on Mar 04, 2012
@jakubroztocil Merge pull request #16 from tictactix/master
Added a way to force pretty printing
@jakubroztocil Refactored --pretty and added tests. 00312ea
@jakubroztocil Updated readme (--flags). 73d0f9c
@jakubroztocil Added `field-name:=raw-json`
Closes #14
@jakubroztocil Fixed README. 5ff43b6
@jakubroztocil Merge branch 'main-module-convention' of…
…ttpie into gandaro-main-module-convention

Renamed httpie.httpie to httpie.__main__ so that one can invoke it via python -m httpie.
@jakubroztocil Improved 715e1b1
@jakubroztocil Factored out CLI parsing. b728710
@jakubroztocil Added --version. f5d5ec2
@jakubroztocil Added argument parsing tests. 2195280
@jakubroztocil Updated README. 6774998
@jakubroztocil Fixed tests for Python 2.6. 8a4f501
@jakubroztocil Added travis-ci configuration. 6d14097
@jakubroztocil Updated travis config. f4dde9d
@jakubroztocil Fixed tests. a44ef6c
@jakubroztocil Fixed tests II. 7d629b4
@jakubroztocil Fixed --pretty tests. bd9209f
@jakubroztocil Corrected line breaks in the output. ebb2713
@jakubroztocil v0.1.5 7ca6191
@jakubroztocil Fixed IOError in c446d75
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