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Feature request: Allow redirected output along with terminal output in the same invocation #136

peritus opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Thanks for httpie!

I'd really like to be able to have httpie output colorized, pretty-printed, with-headers to the terminal while saving the uncolorized, raw body without headers to a file.

I wrote a very simple shell script (paraphrasing below) to consume my rest API, and i'd like to print the interaction to terminal while also processing this programatically.


while [ true ]; do

    # do something with the last response
    # here without having to GET it again

    read -p "> " ACTION
    if [[ "$ACTION" == /* ]]; then
        http --print=Hhb GET $LINK
    elif [[ "$ACTION" == \{* ]]; then
        http --print=Hhb $LINK --body|\
        underscore extend "$ACTION"|\
        http --print=Hhbb PUT $LINK

Normally I'd use tee but that strips the pretty. If I force the pretty, I'd have to remove it for programatic consumption as well as remove the headers, so solving this in httpie sounds like a reasonably good idea.

Perhaps this is possible right now, but I didn't find the correct order of arguments after thoroughly investigating. Or my shell-fu is too weak — in both cases please forgive and enlighten me.


@peritus, have a look at the new --download option. It doesn't do exactly what you're asking for, but it allows you to redirect the body and still see colorised response headers in the terminal (and you get a progress bar as a bonus).

The tee-like output might be added to HTTPie at a later stage.

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