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Empty (invalid) response reported as `HTTP/9 200` #170

pda opened this Issue · 2 comments

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pda commented

If the TCP connection is successful, but receives a non-HTTP-response, e.g. a single newline character, the response is reported as HTTP/9 200. The program exits with a successful zero-status, too.


# send a newline when something connects:
> echo -ne '\n' | nc -l 1234

> http get localhost:1234
HTTP/9 200

> echo $?

This only concerns Python 2 where HTTP 0.9 is assumed by default in such cases. In Python 3 this will result in an error as expected. If you can, please update to Python 3.

To make it fail loudly in Python 2 as well, a change would be required in the upstream python-requests library (see kennethreitz/requests#1869).

The reported version has now been fixed though (0.9 vs 9).


No worries, thanks.
I use Python 3 when I can.

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