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droope commented Apr 27, 2014

Hi there,

I am having issues with httpie in a rather contrived use-case. I was hoping that I perhaps help people solve this issue in the future or rather get some suggestions on how to solve it myself.

The issue arises when a server expects a cookie set by the client side using JS. In order to work around this, I need to add a cookie with a static value to my session. I was hoping to do so in a way similar to this.


function accept_terms {
    # login
    #http $sess
    csrf_token=`http $sess | grep 'csrf-token' | awk -F'"' '{print $2}' | awk -F'"' '{print $1}'`

   # this line below >>>
    http $sess -f POST "Cookie:df=579d23557fc4619cb01656425512a9db" "utf8=%E2%9C%93" "authenticity_token=$csrf_token" "email=$email" "pas#

    # accept terms
    http $sess -f POST "_method=post" "authenticity_token=$csrf_token"


In the line where I set the cookie header, httpie replaces the session cookie with the cookie I manually set. I've checked and if I were allowed to put two cookie headers apache would accept it, albeit a method to embed a custom cookie into the cookiejar might be a bit tidier!



jakubroztocil commented May 5, 2014

The of merging client- and. server-provided cookies within an HTTPie session isn't currently handled very well.

For now, you can work it around by adding the extra cookie to the session file manually:


    "cookies": {
        "df": {"value": "579d23557fc4619cb01656425512a9db"}

droope commented May 11, 2014

Hi jakubroztocil,

Yeah, that's what I did, worked 10/10. =)

I was wondering, if one were to attempt to fix this, where would one go? I've looked down the rabbit hole before opening the issue, and I think the problem lay with a standard python library (

Thinking about it, though, it's very likely that I am not right :P


@droope what makes you blame cookielib? It's a very good library, and I've never run into issues with it.

@jakubroztocil what extra handling of cookies does httpie do on top of what requests already handles for you?

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