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Docker image tailed to run symfony application
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Docker image tailed to run symfony application. Check

What's here?

This repository is a source code for following docker images that allow relatively easily work with symfony php framework. Included images:

  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php5
  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php5-dev
  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php7
  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php7-dev
  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php7.1
  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php7.1-dev
  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php7.2
  • jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php7.2-dev

What is the concept here?

You use php-dev images to develop by mounting your local directory into machine. You use non-dev images to copy app code into image and then deploy your application to stage/live environments.

What is the difference between php5 and php5-dev?

Non dev images are intended to be used in production. Dev images have xdebug installed additionally, so you can use it for debugging.


Development env with docker-compose.yml

You can you this docker-compose.yml file to develop:

  image: jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php5-dev
    - ".:/var/www/html"
    - "80:80"

Of course you are free to add linked containers like database, caching etc.

Adjust your symfony app kernel to write cache and logs to /tmp dir

    public function getCacheDir()
        return sys_get_temp_dir().'/cache/'.$this->getEnvironment();

    public function getLogDir()
        return sys_get_temp_dir().'/logs/'.$this->getEnvironment();

Use docker-compose up command to start your development environment.

Output logs to stderr (optional)

You may want to adjust config_dev and config_prod to output logs to stderr (so they will be handled correctly by docker) path: "php://stderr"

Build production image

You can build production ready image with dockerfile like this:

FROM jakubsacha/symfony-docker:php7.1
ADD . /var/www/html
# Add your application build steps here, for example:
# RUN ./var/www/html/web/bin/...
RUN rm -rf /var/www/html/web/app_dev.php
RUN rm -rf /var/www/html/web/config.php


What are extensions enabled by default?

  • apache mod_rewrite
  • intl
  • opcache
  • pdo
  • pdo_mysql
  • xdebug (only in dev images)

How do i install additional php extensions?

This work is based on official dockerhub php images. You can use docker-php-ext-install to add new extensions. More informations can be found

Why can't i access app_dev.php?

By default symfony block requests to app_dev.php that come from non localhost sources. You can change that editing app_dev.php file.

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