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A simple hexadecimal editor.
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A simple hexadecimal editor.

Hex is a modal editor similar to vi. It operates in a normal mode (where keystrokes are interpreted as commands that control the edit session), an insert mode (where typed text is inserted into the document) and a command mode.


$ make install

That's it!


Normal mode

While in the normal mode, you can type r to edit the byte under the cursor or x to delete it. To move around the document you can use either h, j, k, l or arrow keys.

Furthermore, you can for example type 3j to move three lines down, 2x to delete two bytes, etc.

Insert mode

Typing i switches the editor to the insert mode. As long as you type hexadecimal values they will be inserted into the document.

Pressing a wrong key or ESC leaves the insert mode and switches editor back to the normal mode.

Command mode

After you make some changes you can type :w to save your changes. When you are done, you can exit the editor by typing :q. Typing :q! will exit the editor and discard all unsaved changes.

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