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Arduino Notification

This application listens on serial port for one of the commands: 'mail' or 'nomail' and sets the servo position to a different value depending on the command.

I use it to show envelope icon drawn on a piece of cardboard when I have unread messages on my mailbox.

Mail Checker


python3 [-h] [--serial-port SERIAL_PORT] [--imap-server IMAP_SERVER] --imap-user IMAP_USER

--serial-port - serial port to send data to arduino, default: /dev/ttyUSB0

--imap-server - imap server, default:

--imap-user - imap account name, for example:, required

This application checks if there are unread messages on mailbox and sends 'mail' or 'nomail' string on serial port.

GMail security.

To access Gmail account from a custom application like this one, you'll need to allow access from "Less Secure Apps" at


See on YouTube

[PL] Artykuł na blogu: Powiadomienie o nowej poczcie z Arduino

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