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PulseAudio volume

Adjust volume or toggle mute of all running PulseAudio sinks. Ideal for binding to media keys.


  • Doesn't change the volume of non-running sinks.
  • Doesn't set the volume higher than 100%.

Example usage

Increase volume by 5% (don't go above 100%): inc 5

Decrease volume by 10%: dec 10

Toggle mute (mute if unmuted, unmute if mute): toggle

Example Awesome WM config snippet

awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioLowerVolume",  function () awful.util.spawn(" dec 5") end),
awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioRaiseVolume",  function () awful.util.spawn(" inc 5") end),
awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioMute",         function () awful.util.spawn(" toggle") end),


Feel free to remix this piece of software. See NOTICE and LICENSE for license information.