Fall 2016 Hackathon
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Built at Cal Hacks 2016, Introspection is a web app that lets users log daily journal entries and analyze their mood and mental state over time.


Mental health is really overlooked especially because it is so hard to quantify and keep track of. We believe that mental health should be held in just as high of a priority as physical well being. We wanted to create an app that not only allowed us to keep track of our thoughts, but also lets doctors and researchers uncover subconscious information about ourselves.

What It Does

By recording your daily thoughts, you can easily review the progression of our mindset through certain times of our lives with the help of IBM-Watson.

How We Built It

We built it using IBM-Watson Tone Analysis API. Flask in the back-end, d3 for visualization, and HTML 5/CSS/Bootstrap/JQuery/JSS for dynamic web styling.

For a full demo and more information, check out our devpost