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Miscellaneous test zone

Just some simple test code and projects for self-learning purposes and fun.

path_tools Node.js module (path_tools_nodejs_module): Just a simple multiplatform Node.js module that reads a desired folder recursively and uses a callback function when finally gets its content. Totally asynchonous using events. Date: 27th September 2016 (approximately).

Basket price calculator - Interview test (interview_test_php_checkout): Code from an old interview test for a company related with OOP, PHP 7 (PHP 7.0.7), PHPUnit and Composer. Includes both integration and unit tests. Date: 10th September 2016 (approximately).

My Google Search Page! (my_google_search_page): simple search page using Google's CSE (Google Custom Search Engine) that lets you find both web sites and images. It uses AJAX (XHR) and provides a JSONP fallback. Supports localization and many more features (read in the project folder). Works virtually anywhere (both in modern and old browsers as Internet Explorer 5.5). Date: 28th August 2016 (approximately).

Node.js test (nodejs_test): minimalistic Node.js code that I used to check the performance of different devices connected to the same network using ApacheBench (ab) tool. Includes some performance results (ASUS EEE PC 901, Raspberry Pi Model B, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Intel NUC Skull Canyon, etc.). Date: 2nd August 2016 (approximately).

myWeatherForecast (my_weather_forecast): Just a simple test to check how Ember.js framework (MVVM pattern) works. It just gets the weather from a city given by the user. Uses the RESTful Weather API from OpenWeatherMap. Apart from Ember.js framework, technologies involved are REST, JSON, Node.js, NPM, Bower, QUnit, PhantomJS, etc. Date: 13th January 2016 (approximately).