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A Fluent wrapper that makes Windows Azure blob storage easy. Maybe even fun.
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Windows Azure Blob Storage Fluent Wrapper

A library that makes it easy via a Fluent interface, to interact with Windows Blob storage. It gives you a very basic start to storing binary blobs in the Windows Azure cloud.

Where Do You Get BlobFu?

Easy. BlobFu is available on NuGet. Just install it using the NuGet management features in Visual Studio or WebMatrix 2 and you're off and running.


What does BlobFu Do?

Here's the current set of functionality, demonstrated by an NUnit output of the unit tests used to design BlobFu. Note, more tests may be added as the project evolves.

BlobFu Unit Test Run

Using BlobFu Within ASP.NET

Here's the Hello World example to demonstrate one of the best uses for Windows Azure Blob Storage - capturing file uploads. BlobFu makes this pretty simple.

Step 1 - Configure the Windows Azure Blob Storage Connection String

Add an application or web configuration setting with the connection string you'll be using that points to your Windows Azure storage account, as shown below.

Configuring a site or app with the blob connection string

Note: In this, the local storage account will be used, so make sure you're running your local storage emulator in this example.

running the storage emulator

Step 2 - Create an ASPX Page to Upload Files

Don't forget the enctype attribute. I always forget that, and then the files won't be uploaded. Just sayin'.

HTML form for uploading

Step 3 - Collect the Data

The code below simply collects the file upload and slams it into Windows Azure Blob Storage.

saving blobs to blob storage


Yes, really. Looking at the Windows Azure blob storage account in ClumsyLeaf's CloudXPlorer, you'll see images that are uploaded during testing.

checking the blob account using CloudXPlorer

Have Fun!

Give BlobFu a try. Hopefully it'll ease the process of learning how to get your blobs into Windows Azure. These helper methods can also be used as WebMatrix 2 helpers, so give that a spin (and watch this space for more on this) if you get a moment.

Please let me know of any issues or enhancements you observe (or think about) using the Issues link for this project.

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