Fail Tracker is an agile issue tracking system written with ASP.NET MVC.
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#Project Description Fail Tracker - a collaboration tool for distributed agile software teams. It's also a best-practices ASP.NET MVC 3 reference application that shows how investing in an application framework can greatly simplify day-to-day development activities, improve testability, and reduce development friction.

#What's an Application Framework? That's a great question. In a nutshell, an application framework is a strongly-opinionated set of conventions, helpers, and infrastructure that is designed to remove headaches an uninteresting concerns from day-to-day development. This topic was discussed in-depth during a 2-hour session at CodeStock this year. The video from this session will be available online soon. In the meantime, please refer to for more information.

#What's the goal of this project? Fail Tracker has two goals: to serve as a reference application for those wishing to simplify ASP.NET MVC development, and to provide a great open-source platform for agile collaboration. A hosted instance of Fail Tracker will be available during the second half of 2011.