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Contributing to Raven
Where should I contribute?
Wherever you like :-)
You can try grabbing an issue from the open issues, or find an area that you
think Raven could be improved on and work on that.
If you want to contribute to Raven source:
* Head to our source repository:
* Clone the repository and make your changes.
Typically, improvements are made to the master branch, unless your fix is
specific for a particular version.
* Please take care of the code formatting. We don't reject contributions
because of a different coding style, but it would be nice if you would take
care of the code formatting to match the RavenDB source. One major thing to
take care of: We use tabs for indentation, not spaces!
You can use the "Productivity Power Tools" extension for VisualStudio to
enforce a consistent indentation.
* Send us a pull request.
Pull requests from a publically available git repository (such as github)
are the preferred way of contributing to Raven.
If you want to contribute to the documentation:
* Post the request in the users mailing list:
We will send you instructions and login information to do so.
Contributor license agreement
In order to accept your contribution, we require that you'll send us a signed
contributor license agreement.