☁️ A collection of cloud storage providers abstracted using KIO.
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KIO::Cloud - Cloud Storage

Merging cloud storage services under one roof on KDE using KIO technology.


I wrote this suite of slaves for KIO out of a necessity. I was a bit tired having to always sync files and even though we have clients that handle this, it'd be so much better if they were a part of the file system. Using FUSE would have been cross-platform but it would have required a bit more work and recycling of effort so I decided to go up on more level and leverage the desktop environment I used the most to handle the work for me. The enviroment manages my passwords on Web forms, in cross-application synchronization of authentication all thanks to KWallet so I figured why not?


There's a few ways to open up KIO-powered paths. One is via the console and another is via a KIO-enabled application.

Forming Paths

The path for services would be formed as follows:


The storage-service-identifer can be found in each of the services supported in the slaves directory. The following is a list of the services to be supported.

Via Console

Running just kioclient would provide you with information on how to use kioclient in the console. Executing the opening of a PDF file on Google Drive would be done like so:

kioclient exec cloud://googledrive/Resume.pdf


The act of browsing cloud files from a GUI has yet to be written. However, the recommended GUI at the moment would be Dolphin.


This code is licensed under a GPL v2 license. See LICENSE for details.