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:neckbeard: This is why you can't use <leader><up><up><down><down><left><right><left><right>AB.
Branch: master

Merge branch 'release/2015.08.12'

* release/2015.08.12: (28 commits)
  Add another plugin into the mix.
  update colors and options for neomake.
  Update colors and wrapping options.
  add pluginf for handlebars.
  update opts for general nvim.
  update nvim setup.
  swap lucid for onedark.
  nvim: fix highlighting issue with NonText.
  nvim: add lucid as my color scheme.
  nvim: add more classic options.
  get smart with spacing.
  vim: don't autoload, but autosave sessions.
  update nvim.
  nvim: remove some words.
  nvim: add all of the words I like to use.
  vim: fix linting issue.
  nvim: full system port.
  nvim: import old opts for nvim + plugins.
  nvim: add more plugins.
  git: update ignores to work for neovim.
latest commit 8adb14ce84
@jalcine authored
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home Add another plugin into the mix.
.gitignore git: update ignores to work for neovim.
.gitmodules Bye.
README.markdown vim: remove everything.


Vim Configuration

This repository contains my setup for both [Vim][] and [Neovim][]. I've decided to move my personal development environment over to Neovim after reading [Greer's post][1] on the matter. The intent of this repository is to allow a semi-backward compatible environment where I can have a similar configuration for both editors. The intent is to move completely to neovim.

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