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Vim Configuration

This repository contains my setup for Neovim. I've decided to move my personal development environment over to Neovim after reading Greer's post on the matter. This comes souped up with close to 80 (or more plugins) to enhance my development experience with a very short start time (~11ms on my laptop).

Neovim, as of version 0.1.0, doesn’t use the classic ~/.nvimrc setup. However, because of habit, I’ve linked ~/.nvimrc to ~/.config/nvim/init.vim. Some habits die hard.

Plugin Manager

The plugins I use are fetched by vim-plug. I ship this tree with a fixed version. I also ship it with a fixed list of the plugins at the particular state I plan to use them, at home/.local/bin/install-vim-plugins.

Using This Project

This repository is set up using homesick. I recommend using that to easily clone and get these options up and running. From there, you'll need to install the Python dependencies for this repository:

$ pip install neovim requests

I typically run pip install --user neovim.

Support & Contributions

I've noticed that people have taken a lean to use this configuration. I find that super dope! The thing is, I'm not going to fix issues that you might find while using this setup because I largely host it on Github for syndication across the multiple machines I work on (even the ephemeral ones). If I like your patch and it improves my personal workflow as well, then I'll gladly accept it!