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Vim configuration

Pic or it didn't happen

This repository holds my personal configuration for Vim. It has all of the colors, core bundles, and options needed to get it kicking and roaring with Vim.

I use homesick to manage my dotfiles and what not. This repository is set up for it. Feel free to use to your heart's content.


This Vim setup is constantly tweaked to my comfort; taking advantage of my left-handed nature and makes the assumption that you're using all of the extensions provided by Vundle.

Local Reading

In lieu of using this configuration across multiple machines, there's certain things like tab stops and runtimes that I have to tweak. The following files can be used to override the options defined in this suite of options:

  • $HOME/.vimrc.local - If found, sourced to override global options in Vim.
  • $HOME/.vim/plugin/options.local.vim - If found, sourced to override plugins options in Vim.
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