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1 parent 5859519 commit 88234f447f805712f3772ad34add7bc487fc4d0a @jalcine committed Mar 4, 2014
@@ -1,4 +1,14 @@
set wildignore+=_site,bin,css,js
set wildignore+=tags
-nnoremap <silent> <F3> :Dispatch! bundle exec jekyll build<CR>
+func! s:build_blog()
+ silent :Dispatch bundle exec jekyll build
+func! s:publish_blog()
+ silent :Dispatch rsync --verbose --delete --recursive ./_site/*
+nnoremap <silent> <F3> s:build_blog()
+command! -nargs=0 BlogBuild call s:build_blog()
+command! -nargs=0 BlogPublish call s:publish_blog()
@@ -13,17 +13,16 @@ guard :rack, port: 1993 do
guard 'jekyll-plus', serve: false do
- watch /^_(posts|drafts|includes|layouts)/
+ watch /^src\/_(posts|drafts|includes|layouts)/
watch /^*\.haml$/
ignore /^_site/
-guard :sass, source: 'css', destination: './_site/css' do
- watch /^_css/
+guard :sass, source: 'src/_sass', destination: './_site/css' do
+ watch /^src\/_sass/
guard :livereload do
watch /^_site*/
- watch /haml$/
- watch /sass$/
+ ignore /^src/
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ post:
# Blog specifics.
future: true
-show_drafts: true
+show_drafts: false
relative_permalinks: false
lsi: false
permalink: "/weblog/:title"
@@ -13,9 +13,14 @@ treating you and realize that they're old enough to be worrying about college
placement exams. Do you panic in fear that you might be in underqualified
hands or do you attempt to make do with what you have?
-Though a bit graphic of an example, the message conveyed is clear: **age is
-the leading factor in a lot of decision making**. It can bar
+Though a bit graphic of an example, the message conveyed is clear: **age can
+be the leading, if not a pivotal, factor in a lot of decision making**. It can bar
otherwise-brilliant people from places that could evolve in or prevent those
requiring the necessary training to grow from obtaining it. There is a bit of
an evolutionary aspect to things, having them learn on their own, but we've
-mitigated the need for that when we started using medicine.
+mitigated the need for that when we started using medicine. I say we because
+there's been times I couldn't attend particular events purely out of an age
+restriction or discrimination.
+I don't know how we can fix this aside from preventing it being trickled down
+the generational pipeline of society.
@@ -1,11 +0,0 @@
-layout: post
- - development
- - opinion
-date: 2014-02-21 15:05:08 EST
-Creating an application, be it for the Web, mobile or desktop, is easy.
-Creating a *useful*, *focused* and *functional* application for those
-platforms isn't.
@@ -1,59 +0,0 @@
-layout: post
-title: "Entries Nowadays"
-date: 2014-03-02 01:10:03 EST
- - opinion
-I had this weird thought about web logs (or blogs); that they had to have these
-long-winded and magical entries about whatever one might think them to be
-about; be it on fashion, technology or what have you. I looked to older blogs
-and noticed that they served more as a note keeper for one's thoughts and
-helps the act of validation. So, I think I'd use this blog for more of that
-than me attempting to increase my vanity quota.
-I've been in a bit of a need to see my thoughts before actually attempting to
-implement some ideas or just thoughts in general. There's the risk of having
-this blog out in the open and since social media makes the discovery of
-information a bit more possible that I would have to "mind my manners". I
-might, but good chance I won't. I can't see a good reason to censor or dilute
-my thoughts and opinions for the sake of vanity.
-The biggest things on my mind right now are personal projects and finding
-permanent employment and moving out of the gig lifestyle. I've fully resisted
-the want to go to college mainly because right now, it doesn't have what I'd
-be interested in; and there's so many more ways to learn things nowadays. The
-telephone's been around for a century but we barely use it for its purpose (if
-it were to be used in its classic sense); but that's my two cents on it.
-Little side projects like plug-ins for Vim[^1] and C++ libraries[^2] are
-geared to accelerate the development of a focused project I've come to grow
-with, namely [Wintermute][]. The original ideas for it were pure grandeur but
-I have a more distilled, feasible and probably more entertaining idea of it
-now (that to be in placed in a later post). If there's one thing that I've
-been learning a lot that isn't really preached enough, it's that you learn
-best when you break something of your own. You pay more attention to things
-that matter to you due to the level of attachment to it you have. It's weird,
-but it's been working for me.
-So far, the work life has been so-so. I've been doing a few gigs for clients
-that are typically internal (Intranet work and the sort) and it isn't very
-front facing. The last thing that I did that's [viewable on the Web][3] is mainly
-the [Leap Motion][2] integration to a little Sinatra app that uses the Tumblr
-API to grab images relating to Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights
-Movement. It was part of a hackathon hosted by Tumblr and I loved it; thought
-it was dope. I tend to choke a bit when presenting; but once I'm warmed up,
-I'm another cat up there.
-This ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated and I even let my computer
-read it back to me. But the prose (right word?) feels right; it's
-conversational and a bit archival, the real intent of this and others to come!
-[^2]: Mainly [Qt][] bindings for [ZeroMQ][].
@@ -1,60 +0,0 @@
-layout: post
-title: "On Doing Too Much"
-date: 2014-03-02 01:10:55 EST
- - thoughts
- - opinion
-I'm a web developer by trade. More sharply, I tend to be a full stack web
-developer that has an acquired sense of modern design and a working
-understanding of how the unicorns and tigers that run inside remote machines
-that make our web applications work. I've been using that to pay bills and put
-food on the table; but in recent day, I feel as if my attention is being
-sliced into too many slices of salami. Before, it was hefty chunks of
-hamburger but now, a breeze could pop a hole in a slice of my thought process.
-I've been giving more and more attention to the [Wintermute][1] project of
-mine and I'm eager to get a working instance of it before the close of 2014,
-if not before my twenty-second birthday. It'd be fantastic! But the knowledge
-I need for it by then is really vast if I want it to be perfect. Not saying
-I'm a perfectionist, since I tend to aim for perfection but settle if I'm four
-points off from it. I just have to have a good reason for it.
-I noticed this paradigm jump probably when this whole HTML5 vs native
-implementation of software really kicked off on the mobile device front. I
-felt it a bit offensive to the native application developer for a HTML5 web
-developer to even consider it a form of competing force. iOS 7 and Android 4
-introduced different UI and UX practices that can't be just `awk`'d out of the
-system. But I digress; people think it'll work.
-What's probably kicking me the most is the seeming increase of neglect for
-classical desktop applications. Okay, sure, it'd be a challenge to go
-"cross-platform" for desktop now. But that's been eliminated with the Web. I
-don't know if it's a bad thing. Building an application for Windows and hoping
-to deploy it to OS X or Linux (if you fancy that, like yours truly) isn't
-really a requirement but depends heavily on your market. And that's what I
-seem to be forgetting.
-I forgot what market I initially was trying to address when I started working
-in computer science. I really only stuck with computer programming because of
-my biggest want to build Wintermute. Now, I feel more than fortunate to be a
-programmer; someone who understands that at times, programming is like both
-understanding a language and culture and that it has (at times) a community to
-go with it. You can think of each language as a country; with Assembly being
-the water and C being the minerals and material we use for everything.
-Everything else is a sovereign nation.
-I'm fixated on the idea of being a web developer mainly because the Web is our
-digital frontier, to paraphrase Picard. I spend hours reading books and
-playing with configuration options making it the most optimal and comfortable
-so that everything else fades away whilst I code. But still, I manage to be
-distracted, distracted from the one thing that I feel gives me value.
-It's my ability to build, craft and create perhaps another's whole interest in
-life. I can say that the developers and team behind games like Halo and
-Minecraft really carved out parts of my interests. That power, for a bit of a
-deity-like stance, is amazing. I like it.
@@ -1,8 +1,10 @@
layout: post
-categories: development
title: "My Shell Setup"
date: 2014-02-06 17:19:24 EST
+ - thoughts
+ - development
@@ -11,14 +13,15 @@ it well enough to navigate through it as if it were an extension of
themselves. If you're spending a good portion of your day in there, you should
able to do things like grabbing code, handling patches, managing your
multiplexer and more easily from the CLI. This is mainly about how I've set up
-my system so my current use. A not-so-short GIF of me using my shell is
-provided below.
+my system so my current use.
-**TODO: Add GIF here**.
-# Shell
+# My Shell: `bash`
I use GNU Bash, the kind of Bash you'd get when shipping with a particular
Linux. I haven't made the attempt to try another shell out of the time capital
it'd require but a few compelling features in shells like `fish` and `zsh`
pique my curiousity enough to give them another look; definitely worth a
-follow up post.
+follow up post. Initially, I set up my shell scripts in a very hazy fashion.
+Then I began to use [bash-it][], a useful tool for controlling your shell as
+if it were a toggleable and configurable machine (in a sense, it is).
@@ -10,3 +10,5 @@ categories:
I have a confession; probably obvious from the title of this post. I
absolutely **love** [Minecraft][]. The idea is so awesome and I've spent four
hours a day just
@@ -1,23 +0,0 @@
-layout: post
-title: "When You Can't Test Your Code"
-date: 2013-09-21 01:28:41 EDT
-category: testing
-Let's say you're working on software. You work on it for about a month or so
-and it's not really done but it's on its way there. Now, with being a good
-developer, you want to employ "best practices". One of them tend to be testing
-your code as or after you write code (most preferably before, though). Some
-things to note is that:
- + You didn't write this application with testing in mind. And you shouldn't
- write code with testing in mind; it'd grow to be run in a test suite than
- rather in a production environment.
- + You don't want to litter your code with testing add-ons and do-dahs.
- + It isn't a web application.
-That's probably the tipping point (the third point).
@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ def get_cache_file_for(gist, file)
def get_gist_from_web(gist, file)
+ return ""
gist_url = get_gist_url_for gist, file
raw_uri = URI.parse gist_url
https =, raw_uri.port

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