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:book: Central sources for a networked application framework.
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Merge branch 'feature/generate-find-wintermute' into develop

* feature/generate-find-wintermute:
  cmake: Print info about build version.
  cmake: Ensure WintermuteSourceBuild is used.
  cmake: Ensure WINTERMUTE_CMAKE_INSTALL_*_DIR were preserved.
  cmake: Explicitly use 'WintermuteSourceBuild' in src.
  cmake: Tweak test and doc modules.
  cmake: Provide option to auto-install plugins.
  cmake: Move 'UseWintermute', install modules.
  cmake: Implement 'FindWintermute.cmake'.
  cmake: Add {Find,Use}Wintermute.cmake templates.
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"The future is already here. It's just unevenly distributed." - William Gibson, Neuromancer (1984).


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Wintermute's a software project that intends to be a launching pad into self-driven hyper-connectivity of hardware and software. The whole purpose of this particular tree is to build a core library, a driver binary (more on that) and a few plugins to get the show started. Check out this weblog post to really understand the mission behind Wintermute. Yes, this is yet another Internet of Things project. But this isn't meant to be "web scale" or all of that. It's meant to work in a controlled environment under specific constraints (most devices running Linux, etc).

Building & Contributing

Building, requirement and installation information all live in INSTALL.markdown. Pointers for contributing on the project are located in CONTRIBUTING.markdown. So far, Wintermute works on a few platforms, but feel free to build for yours and try it out. This project is Vagrant enabled.

This is alpha software, so alpha that it does nothing. But in due time, my friend.


  • abstracted configuration framework
  • preliminary RPC framework (using modules + calls)
  • plugin loading infrastructure
  • versioning support
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