WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) for Clojure and HTTP Kit
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A Clojure implementation of the WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol, for HTTP Kit servers.

Provides hooks for common WebSocket messaging patterns and error handling (RPC, PubSub, and Authentication).

Build Status

Visit cljwamp.us for live demos and additional information. See clj-wamp-example for an example project and source code.

For information on HTTP Kit, a Ring-compatible HTTP server for Clojure, visit http-kit.org.

For information on the WAMP specification, visit wamp.ws.


Create a new starter project with clj-wamp and HTTP Kit:

lein new clj-wamp my-project

...or add the following dependency to your existing project.clj file:

[clj-wamp "1.0.0"]

Run clj-wamp's http-kit-handler within http-kit's with-channel context:

(ns clj-wamp-example
  (:require [org.httpkit.server :as http-kit]
            [clj-wamp.server :as wamp]))

; Topic URIs
(defn rpc-url [path] (str "http://clj-wamp-example/api#"   path))
(defn evt-url [path] (str "http://clj-wamp-example/event#" path))

(def origin-re #"https?://myhost")

(defn my-wamp-handler
  "Returns a http-kit websocket handler with wamp subprotocol"
  (wamp/with-channel-validation request channel origin-re
    (wamp/http-kit-handler channel
      ; Here be dragons... all are optional
      {:on-open        on-open-fn
       :on-close       on-close-fn

       :on-call        {(rpc-url "add")    +                       ; map topics to RPC fn calls
                        (rpc-url "echo")   identity
                        :on-before         on-before-call-fn       ; broker incoming params or
                                                                   ; return false to deny access                         :on-after-error    on-after-call-error-fn
                        :on-after-success  on-after-call-success-fn }

       :on-subscribe   {(evt-url "chat")     chat-subscribe?  ; allowed to subscribe?
                        (evt-url "prefix*")  true             ; match topics by prefix
                        (evt-url "sub-only") true             ; implicitly allowed
                        (evt-url "pub-only") false            ; subscription is denied
                        :on-after            on-subscribe-fn }

       :on-publish     {(evt-url "chat")     chat-broker-fn   ; custom event broker
                        (evt-url "prefix*")  true             ; pass events through as-is
                        (evt-url "sub-only") false            ; publishing is denied
                        (evt-url "pub-only") true
                        :on-after            on-publish-fn }

       :on-unsubscribe on-unsubscribe-fn

       :on-auth        {:allow-anon? true                ; allow anonymous authentication?
                        :secret      auth-secret-fn      ; retrieve the auth key's secret
                        :permissions auth-permissions-fn ; return the permissions for a key
                        :timeout     20000}})))          ; close the connection if not auth'd

(http-kit/run-server my-wamp-handler {:port 8080})

See the docs for more information on the API and callback signatures.

Change Log



Pull requests are most welcome!


Copyright © 2013 Christopher Martin

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.