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A guided tutorial of the React tutorial in Om.

Om Tutorial: Starter


See my blog post.


This is a walkthrough of sorts for the React tutorial rewritten in Om. I originally made this repo a little while back, but wanted to offer something similar to the original tutorial that explains exactly what is going on at each step.

The walkthrough is organized by using a separate separate branch to represent the different steps of the original tutorial, and the master branch represents the complete code. The documentation for each step is contained within the /doc folder.

Getting Started

For getting the latest version of Om, follow swannodette's instructions here.

Create a new project template with lein new om-starter <name-of-repo> substituting <name-of-repo> with whatever you want to call the repository. The /doc directory contains files through that correspond 1:1 in functionality (JS and CLJS don't always have a 1:1 mapping), with the original tutorial. Many of the files contain several of the original tutorials.

After creating your repo with the lein template om-starter, cd into it and run lein dev. This will start up a minimal web server that will serve up your HTML and JS, and compile the CLJS into JS. The server will likely start before the JS is compiled on the first go, so after the message Successfully compiled "resources/public/js/your_repo.js" in #ofseconds seconds. shows up in the terminal window, refresh your page to verify that everything is working correctly.

Time to hack.

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