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World of Warcraft library that makes easy the creation of custom tutorials for addons.

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CustomTutorials-2.1 ❗

A library that makes creating interactive tutorials extremely simple. It handles both displaying the tutorials and saving the user progress in them.

API Overview

Name Description
.RegisterTutorials(id, data) Registers a new tutorial with the given ID.
.TriggerTutorial(id, index [,maxAdvance]) Advances a step in a given tutorial and unlocks progression up to index.
.ResetTutorials(id) Resets progression in a given tutorial.
.GetTutorials(id) Returns data originally registered for a given tutorial.
:Embed(object) Embeds the above methods into the given object.

⚠️ Note that, for legacy and embedding reasons, all methods except for :Embed(object) use a dot . syntax, instead of the more common : syntax.

Usage Example

First of all, you must register the new tutorial for you addon:

Lib.RegisterTutorials("MyAddon", {
  savedvariable = "MyAddon_TutorialsSavedVariable",
  title = "MyAddons",
  {  -- This is tutorial #1
    text = "Hello",
    image = "SomeImage",
  {  -- Tutorial #2
     text = "Bye",

Finally, you need to tell the library when you want the tutorial to be shown. If you provided the savedvariable argument, you won't have to worry about which panels the user has already seen neither to save that information. CustomTutorials will handle that for you:

  -- Shows up to panel #3 if the user has not seen it already

⚠️ Reminder!

If you use this library, please list it as one of your dependencies in the CurseForge admin system. It's a big help! 👍


World of Warcraft library that makes easy the creation of custom tutorials for addons.







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