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Fly south

You're a goose in a big city. While the others left, you're still looking for yummy grass in the park.

Game entry for js13kGames built using A-Frame.

Do not feed geese bread!

The submitted version of my game includes the text "Yummy! Breadcrumbs!". However, feeding bread is bad! Sorry for not doing this research before.


2018-10-05 (0.1.4)

  • Upgrade to A-Frame 0.8.2

2018-03-06 (0.1.3)

  • Upgrade to A-Frame 0.7.1
  • Users don't need to look straight up to start flying

2017-09-27 (0.1.2)

  • Start with city level instead of cloud level
  • Reduce flying speed
  • The town has now 10x10 buildings.
  • The goose is now looking for fresh grass
  • The landing zone in the park is wider

2017-09-15 (0.1.1)

  • Fix JavaScript error from breaking the game when landing in the park
  • Fix spawning the portal to the second level
  • Disable keyboard controls
  • Fix graphical glitches at the park
  • Fix JavaScript warnings when loading text as assets
  • Link external A-Frame library

2017-09-13 (0.1.0)

  • Release to meet the deadline of js13kgames