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Welcome to Jallib

This project holds a set of JAL libraries, compatible with the JALV2 compiler. JAL is a high-level language for the Microchip 8-bits PIC microcontrollers of the Baseline, Midrange, Enhanced Midrange and 18F series.

Lots of libraries exist, built by authors all over the world. The aim of this project is to:

  • Centralize these libraries.
  • Propose standards to write and share JAL code.

This avoids re-inventing the wheel and helps sharing code.

If you're looking for a specific library, welcome here! You may want to:

  • Download one of our packages.
  • Browse our repository and retrieve sources.
  • Browse the Jal users site for introductions to JAL in general and the use of several Jallib libraries in particular.

For a quick start on how to install Jallib, compile and run a jal program on your PIC have a look at Installing and using Jallib.

Also have a look at UnixCompilingFromSvnHowto wiki. It'll help you to use the whole repository.

The repository is organized in such a way that it is easy to find where you are looking for (libraries, sample programs, device files, etc...). For a complete description, see the UnderstandingSvnStructure wiki.

If you plan to contribute, if you dare to put your head over the mowing field, welcome again! Go to the jallib discussion group and request to join us. For write access to the repository you'll need Github account. We'll be glad to send you a membership invitation! Once registered, you should have a look at our JallibStyleGuide. It will explain know some basic principles, rules, etc... which everyone must obey to provide efficient, understandable code. As a member, have a look at our SvnRepositoryHowTo. You'll be able to access our repository as an official committer!

Have fun !

The Jallib team.