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Smash Forge

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Download the latest commit from the releases page. See the wiki for more information and basic usage. Do not accidentally download the source code (contains a .sln).

System Requirements

A minimum OpenGL version of 3.30 is required. See Rendering Issues for details.


  • Smash 4
    • Accurate renders of Namco models (.nud), Namco textures (.nut), and Smash 4 level data (.lvd)
    • Animations
      • Play, import, and export animation files (.omo), maya anim files (.anim), and NW4R
      • animation files (CHR0)
      • Open .pac archives containing multiple animations
    • Bones
      • Open, preview, and edit boneset files (.vbn)
      • Import bones from .mdl0 models
    • Movesets
      • Edit ACMD files, file -> open then select a .mtable
      • Edit and preview movesets in real time (ACMD)
    • Materials
      • Edit materials for Namco models, including exporting or importing materials
      • Edit and preview Smash 4 material animations in real time (.mta)
      • Includes material presets to help get started with editing materials
    • Preview stage camera animation (path.bin and CMR0 types)
    • Edit parameter files (certain .bins)
    • Create, edit, and delete parts of LVDs
    • Melee DAT
      • Import Melee DAT models
      • Convert Melee level data (DAT) into Smash 4 level data (LVD)
  • Bfres (Wii U and Switch)
    • Can open and preview BFRES models, skeleton animations, texture pattern animations, bone visual animations, and textures.
    • SARC support.
  • Shared Features
    • Import/export textures from DDS and PNG
    • Model and texture rendering
    • Debug shading for normals, tangents, bitangents, vertex color, skin weights, and more.
    • DAE model importing.
    • Export models as DAE
    • Exportable models, animations, and textures

Building (Windows)

  • Open the solution file in Visual Studio 2015 or later and build.
  • Other platforms are not supported.

Known Bugs/Issues

This program is still a work in progress. There may be bugs or incomplete features. Please stick with us as we're working on it! For known bugs and issues, check out the Bug Tracker


This application uses Open Source components. You can find the source code of their open source projects along with license information below. We acknowledge and are grateful to these developers for their contributions to open source.