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Rigged QPROP

Tool set dedicated for users of QPROP: A Schrödinger-solver for intense laser-atom interaction


Refer to wiki for detailed installation instructions.


"Qprop is for non-profit use only. If results obtained using Qprop are published, an acknowledgment or citation is compulsory."

An example of citation would be like the following:

D. Bauer and P. Koval, Comput. Phys. Commun. 174, 396 (2006).

V. Mosert and D. Bauer, Comput. Phys. Commun. 207, 452 (2016).


For visualizing the calculation result by rigged-qprop, have a look at visual-qprop, a toolset dedicated to visualize and analyze the calculation results such as animated time evolution, plotting photoelectric momentum spectra etc.

PPP : Paralleled Post Propagation

Implemented for parallel computing, PPP routine boosts the post propagation, which is often essential for evaluating low-energy structure in momentum spectra through t-SURFF routine.

After compilation along with this PPP support, check out the example using this routine, for example:

cd $QPROP_HOME/src/example/ppp/attoclock-ppp
bash ../run.sh

Noting that, for the attoclock example, more than 90% of the timesteps for propagation is the field-free post-propagation, it can benefit from PPP quite a lot.