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A tiny app to give quick access to the C/C++/D programming languages
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A tiny app to give quick access to the C/C++/D programming languages

Dhee makes learning or just trying something out in C/C++/D easier by simplifying the edit-compile-run-debug cycle. You just type in your code into a simple highlighting editor widget and click Execute. The text output to stdout and stderr is shown in separate tabs.

I wrote this because I wanted a quick light-weight app (simpler than a full-fangled IDE) that Simply Works (TM) to help me try out my "D legs" (like "sea legs"). Then I extended it to C/C++ (wasn't too difficult thanks to QScintilla). Hopefully it will be useful for others too.

Regarding the name: By formal training I'm a Sanskrit scholar, and in Sanskrit, "dhee" (rhymes with "sea") means "knowledge". The consonant is an aspirated dental, not alveolar as in English (sounds like "thee" but not fricative). :-)


Python 3 and bindings for it to Qt 4 and to the QScintilla 2 editor widget based on Qt 4. On Debian-based systems sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt4.qsci should bring in all dependencies.

Installation and usage

sudo install dhee /usr/local/bin/ or such should suffice to install the app and make it available for launching from your terminal or app launcher by typing just dhee. Before pressing Execute, go to the Settings tab and ensure that the compiler command and options are correct for the appropriate language.

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