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Marquee is yet another web framework built on Mojo toolkit in Mojolicious distribution, designed to make dynamic website development to be plotted at an extension of traditional designer work.

This may possibly be a reinvention of Mason, Markup::Perl, HTML::Embperl or PHP.

This software is considered to be alpha quality and isn't recommended for regular usage.

Komodo Edit

Default URL mapping

By default, Marquee automatically maps request paths to corresponding file directory structure. This is similar to typical HTTP servers such as Apache and this is the leading motivation of this project. To keep the URI semantics corresponds to directory tree makes things simple.

Given the request path


Marquee searches for the following templates or static files under application root.


The extensioning rule is same as Mojolicious. The second extension indecates a handler for template rendering. The rule allows Marquee to detect Content-Type and implicitly serve the header. This system is more resonable (by comparison to PHP).

ep and epl are always available and you can also add your own handler easily. You can also override the mapping rule with Marquee::Plugin::Router plugin bundled in core.

Perlish template

Marquee provedes Mojo::Template based template handler which allows templates to be written in more Perlish instead of template specific syntax, therefore, it requires less lerning cost (by comparison to Mason).

Easy to install

Marquee is written in pure-perl and only depends on Mojolicious distribution which is also a pure-perl, so you can even deploy them via FTP. Though Mojolicious depends on perl-5.10.1 or higher, there is still an option to adopt backport project mojo-legacy to run on perl-5.8.7.

Mojo toolkit is available

Since Marquee is based on mojo, many mojo classes helps you on manipulating such as HTTP requests, responses, DOM and JSON.

Command line interface

In addition to Perl OOP API, Marquee also provides command line interface to serve current directory contents as a web site, using Mojo::Daemon. This is useful for development environment or even trivial file sharing. The API provides some useful option such as auto index, POD viewer, Markdown viewer. You don't need any Apache things anymore.


To install this module, run the following commands:

$ curl | sh


For more information refer to following documentations.


Here is some screenshots of how Marquee look like.

debug screen

debug screen

Auto index

auto index

Auto tree

auto tree




Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane.


Copyright (c) 2012 jamadam

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Yet another Mojo based web framework



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