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This is a modified version of mojo to run on Perl-5.8.7 environment.
The API is expected to be compatible with Mojolicious v5.56.

The code is experimental and might not work in all cases.

To test it, you should upgrade Test::More to latest version.
Please do the following command.

$ cpanm Test::More

Since mojo-legacy v5.03 some tests are skipped unless the environment variable
TEST_ORIGINAL_CASES set to true as following.


You better check which tests are failing on this backport project
and make sure the use cases are not critical for you.

Since upstream mojo v4.95 it depends on Hash::Util::FieldHash which released for
Perl core since perl-5.9.4. If you use older version of perls, install
Hash::FieldHash as a substitute.

$ cpanm Hash::FieldHash

I recommend the installation though mojo-legacy works without the modules.
*::FieldHash looks to me like a cure of memory leaks so
if you're aiming at non-persistent environment like CGI, it may not a must.

To use Mojolicious::Plugin::PODRenderer, you need Pod::Simple 3.09 or higher
which first shipped with perl-5.11.2. If you use older perls, just do
the following command.

$ cpanm Pod::Simple

To use morbo with it, you must at least upgrade Socket module to 
version 1.81 or higher. Please do the following command.

$ cpanm Socket

To use websocket, you must at least install Digest::SHA.

$ cpanm Digest::SHA

If Compress::Raw::Zlib is not found, some tests may fail. However I guess
this works without the module in real world use case.